innovative orthodontics

When is the right time to come to the orthodontist with your child for the first time? We recommend an initial consultation appointment at the age of 5 and if necessary, we start with a removable device, the Myobrace.

Myobrace is an innovative approach in modern orthodontics that deals with the actual causes of false jaw growth and crooked teeth. False habits that can occur during the growth phase of children are the main problems. Modern research has shown that mouth breathing, a false tongue position, an unphysiological swallowing pattern and thumb sucking – or false myofunctional habits – are the main reasons for a false jaw and dentition development. With the Myobrace system, the physiological development of the teeth and jaws is promoted by a natural posture of the soft tissues, as well as the tongue. Myobrace can also help to break the habit of habits (thumb sucking, pacifier, lip biting etc.) and thus correct a habit caused tooth and jaw deformity. Myobrace is worn for 1-2 hours a day and during the whole night, which in contrast to the conventional therapy methods means a reduction of total wear time for the child. This technique is used today by doctors in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We would be delighted to tell you more about the therapy of Myobrace in an initial consultation. Get your appointment at artondontics!

early treatment (standard)

If extreme malocclusions occur during the change from deciduous teeth to permanent dentition, which usually takes place at the age of 6-10 years, they need to be treated at this stage. Usually removable or a combination of removable and fixed orthodontic appliances are used. A too narrow upper jaw for example, can be expanded with the aid of a removable appliance. Extreme jaw discrepancies (growth disturbances of the mandible, maxilla or both) which are associated with an increased or a negative overbite (cross-bite) should be corrected as early as possible.

We would be delighted to explain the possibilities of an early treatment with braces in an initial consultation. Get your appointment at artodontics!